Apple Watch Adaptors

Apple Watch Adaptors


Our adaptor allows you to replace and switch up your Apple watch bands with ease. One set of adaptors can be used with any Cromwell Wrist Wrap, so you can wear leather one day, silk the next.

Available in Black or Nickel, stainless steel, in 38mm and 42mm, suitable for all Apple watches. For the new Apple Series 4, 40mm watch face will fit the 38mm adapter and the 44mm watch face will fit the 42mm adapters

Follow our simple instructions to switch up your look.


  • Colour: Silver / Black

  • Size: 38mm and 42mm

  • 2x adapters included (1 set, top/bottom of watch)

  • Mini screws and screw driver set included (not required for Cromwell wrist-wraps)

  • Made of premium high quality stainless steel

  • Easily replace your apple watch band with your Cromwell wrist-wraps

  • Adaptors sold only with Cromwell wrist wrap

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