How to care for your silk

We are dedicated to using the best quality, natural fibres that we can source. Your new silk scarf is an organic material and needs special care.

Do not machine wash. Ever. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

We recommend you Dry Clean only with a reputable Dry Cleaner. For those of you who dislike the chemicals involved in Dry Cleaning, you may prefer to wash your skinny scarves and mini-cravats by hand, in cold water only with a delicate soap. 

We do not recommend hand-washing your cravat. Each point on the pleating is hand stitched and delicate, these are best handled by a reputable dry cleaner.

Store folded flat in plain tissue.


How to care for your leather

We use 100% cow and lamb leather for our belts and wrist wraps. 

Please note that the metallic finish on our leathers are intended to wear. We think they only get better as they fade and crease with age. Just like us! 

The best care for your leather is to wear it. Our belts and wrist wraps are intended to become your 'go to' accessories, to be worn everywhere, with everything. When you're not wearing your leather, best to store it coiled and in a dust bag.

How to wear the Cromwell wrist wraps as apple watch bands

Please follow the instructions carefully when trying on for the first time. 

The apple watch has been designed to have direct contact with your wrist to read data for the apple apps. Do not put the Cromwell wrist wraps: Bae leather or Brigitte silk, between the apple watch and your wrist.